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Ryan Dunne

My name is Ryan Dunne, and I am the owner of Appalachian Fly Guides. I grew up in the foothills of Western North Carolina and I learned to use a fly rod at the age of 7. My younger years were spent fishing the many lakes and ponds near my house. Once I was old enough to drive I started exploring the waters of the Pisgah National Forest and the South Mountains. Eventually I stumbled upon the tailwaters of East Tennessee and never looked back. In addition to my fishing experience, I served 8 years with the US Army Reserves as a parachute rigger. I have been fortunate enough to fish in Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and the Western US. Whether I am rowing a river, bush whacking on a head water stream, or poling a mud flat for carp, fishing is my forte!

David Grossman co-owner/ guide 

 David grew up in Charlotte, NC but got his start fly-fishing while attending Washington & Lee University in the beautiful mountains of southwest Virginia. Since then he has traveled as far as British Columbia to chase trout with a few stops in Montana and Idaho on the way. David recently moved back to North Carolina from Colorado where he spent two years fishing and working (mostly fishing).

David enjoys all kinds of fly-fishing but specializes in float fishing the tailwaters of North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee. He has been floating the tailwaters and chasing the trophy trout that reside their for over ten years now.

David’s philosophy on fishing is pretty simple. No one goes fishing to have a bad time so let’s have as good a time as possible because in the end it’s fishing, not Golf. He brings this laid back approach to all his trips as well as to his involvement with Trout Unlimited as a Board Member for the Land O’ Sky chapter in Asheville. 



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