Another Catawba River Day!

Dustin and I hit the Catawba River Tailrace below lake James on Good Friday for a quick afternoon high water float. The fishing started off slow, but after the flows stabilized so did the fishing. We didn’t spend anytime anchoring, it was a run and gun kinda trip. The best fishing was on streamers fishing mid river seams. We did pick several up on nymphs, but let’s face it, who wants to throw nymphs all day!


 If you have wanted to fish the Catawba, give us a call. Dustin and I are one of a handful of guides who know this river, we fished it before the new flows and all the press. We remember the days when one boat was a crowd! 82&-446-5552 or



About Ryan

Fly fishing guide on the Catawba River Tailrace!
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