Catawba River Caddis

They’re here…. The caddis have arrived on the Catawba River Tailwater below Lake James. Duke energy had the water cut off for a month. This past Thursday they cut it back on. Today I rode up to the river to check flows. While I was there I ran into the USGS crew, and they were measuring flows at all stages of generation. Which meant Duke energy cut flows to minimum flow, then bumped it to 1 generator, then two generators. Needless to say the water was rocking.

While I was talking to the crew, I noticed caddis flying around. When I walked over to the bridge I saw caddis all over the water. I managed to shoot some crappy iPhone footage, the video does the hatch no justice. However, if you look closely you will see the bugs fluttering around. Most of the bugs were close to the water so they are hard to see. For those of you that don’t know the Catawba river, its not a high profile fishery like the rivers over in Tennessee. Its kinda like the redheaded stepchild of Southern Tailwaters. The fishing use to be good, but after drought, flooding, and inconsistent flows it fell off drastically. It seems we are back on track for recovery, only time will tell. My friend Jamey reported rising fish down river, he said they were gorging on caddis.

If you are interested in a Catawba river float trip, give us a call 828-446-5552, or email us at


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Fly fishing guide on the Catawba River Tailrace!
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2 Responses to Catawba River Caddis

  1. It’ll be a while before we see any real caddisfly hatches out here in the west, but your post sure is encouraging.

    • Ryan says:

      They are early this year, we usually don’t see them until March. I think it has to do with the warm winter we are having. It was 76 degrees yesterday!

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