South Holston Fishing Report

TVA has been running a fairly consistent generation on the South Holston in east Tennessee, however the recent rain had the water colored up for most of the week. I hit the water with my friends Chris and Randy for some high water streamer action. Once we launched the boat we were hooking up right off the boat ramp. Streamers and nymphs were the name of the game, as we progressed down river, we put the nymph rods down and threw streamers the rest of the day. The fishing was consistent despite the small weather front that rolled in on us causing the pressure to change and the wind to pick up. We had a ton of fish blow up and chase the fly, many many fish were seen, some were hooked and landed.  The South Holston will continue to fish well as the weather warms. If you are interested in a trip contact us for more info.


About Ryan

Fly fishing guide on the Catawba River Tailrace!
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